Thursday, August 14, 2008

Swim Another Day

Even though it's Thursday, today is my Friday. Tomorrow is a solo long run on a new route. So to avoid being a complete slug today, I opted to swim after work. Drove down to the YMCA, got all the way to the locker room, pulled swimsuit out of my gym bag. Something looked strange.

The right shoulder strap had been cleanly sliced and was missing most of the material. So I was faced with either swimming with a one-strap Speedo that probably would present modesty problems or aborting the swim mission. Went for the latter.


Jenni G said...

Whaaaat??!! Please don't tell me it was the red one with the flames? It was the cats. Sabotage.

Anne B said...

It IS the red one with flames!! Fortunately my mom is an expert seamstress and believes she can repair it. But now I'm leery about using the dryer at the Y. Maybe just wring the suit out real well.