Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Swimming at the Crack of Dawn

The first triathlon season is behind me, so now it's a matter of maintaining a base level of fitness in bike and swim. Those weeks before the Stoneman were a crazy juggling act of swim one day, bike/run the next. Swimming on lunch hour is a logistical pain in the ass, what with having to haul all my beauty stuff down to the Y. And it's not as if I wear a bunch of makeup.

Jenni experimented with the 5 a.m. lap swim at the YMCA last week and pronounced it a success, so today I rolled out of bed at 4:15 and drove downtown. Very cool driving at this time of day. There is absolutely no one out except for paper delivery folks. I did see a taxicab on West Washington Street, which struck me as odd. Probably someone headed to the airport or the Amtrak.

There were a couple of guys hanging out in the lighted stairwell area, then Jenni showed up. The pool was absolutely still and pristine, the water a comfortable temp. With just half an hour, I wasn't able to complete my workout but got in a good 950 yards.

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