Friday, September 10, 2010

Something to show for 20 years

In August I hit the 20-year milestone at the engineering company where I work. I won't go into any deep philosophical reflecting on this event because for the most part, my day consists of plinking away at a computer doing graphics and brochures. The mood is light, it's a good place to work and everyone there is pretty tolerable.

Upon attaining 20 years, employees are presented with an additional week of vacation and a pretty nice cash bonus. Under normal circumstances, a windfall goes to pay off bills. But I figured that I would never work 20 years at another company, so this was a special windfall. I needed something special. I needed a new bike.

Most of my riding been done on my old Cannondale SR800, whom I call Streak. Streak is a good, solid bike. Earlier this year, I bought a set of Ultegra components off my buddy JHouse, and had those installed on my tri bike. The 9-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain was subsequently installed on Streak, along with STI shifters.

There were Campagnolo rims on this bike, but those unfortunately had to be replaced. New blue wheels completed the project.

It was almost like getting a new bike. I think I spent more upgrading Streak than the bike cost originally. Here is a shot of Streak with his fancy new stuff. He is looking good and ready to go for a ride.

Being a not-so-good rider, I struggle to keep up with S. Since Streak is near and dear to my heat, the only option was to purchase an additional bike with my milestone bonus. I assigned research of this important project to JHouse, who spent countless manhours at work to come up with a list of possibilities. After much agonizing, I decided upon a Pinarello FP2 SRAM.
I have to say that this bike rides like a dream. I still get spit out the back on group rides, but I can't blame the bike anymore.

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