Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why People Sign up for Races

I have two friends named "Mary R." At the Jingle Bell 5K a couple of years ago, one of them wore a pair of reindeer antlers while she ran the race, so from this point forward, she shall be known as Reindeer Mary.

ANYWAY...Reindeer Mary and I were talking races over margaritas at Xocimilcos about a month ago and she mentioned something about "skipping the Olympic distance and just going for a half ironman" in 2011. I agreed that this seemed like a great idea.

I am sure it will continue to seem like a great idea until about May or June of 2011, at which time it will seem like a very, very bad idea.


Joseph said...

You are going to kill the HALF distance!

Anne B said...

Thanks Joe! I sure hope so!