Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grand Canyon Vacation - November 2011

We started at roughly 7 a.m. with the goal of hiking down via the South Kaibob and back up on the Bright Angel trail. It was quite dark initially and temperatures were in the 20s at the top of the rim.

Scene along the South Kaibob Trail.

My batteries were dead on my "good" camera so I used my iphone and got this interesting shot.

The sunrise created dramatic effects on the red rock.

There are small stations along the trail that provide water and restrooms. This is fairly early on the South Kaibob.

Wow, what a view. Looking downward at switchbacks on the South Kaibob trail. We were starting to get into the 'challenging" terrain, hugging the side of the canyon. My fear of heights took a real beating.

Shot of a trail. Stay to the left...the left.

Stopping at Indian Point (I think) campground on the way back up on Bright Angel trail. The cottonwood trees were beautiful in their autumn foliage.


Kate said...

How beautiful! We've been there twice, but I've never gotten to hike further than halfway down. That's definitely on the list for when my husband and I can go out there alone or when my youngest is a little older. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Running Wild said...

Beautiful! The husband and I hope to make a trip in March.

Mike said...

Wow, beautiful pics Anne! Like you were hiking through a postcard.

Kate said...

Aw, thanks for the great comment! The race was such fun. Adventure races have totally spoiled me for other races.

Land Between the Lakes was amazing. I really hope to get back there again in the next year, and I'll definitely let you know. As for making a fool of yourself, one of the ladies on our trip was on either her third or fourth mountain bike ride ever. She struggled, to be sure, but she made it through.

Kate said...

I've crossed that creek multiple times. Only twice have I summoned the courage to actually ride across it; haven't yet managed to clear it without putting a foot down. The thing about that particular spot is the high cost of failure. :P