Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Cleats and OWS Fail

Last weekend I took Jack-the-tri-bike out for a nice long ride and realized that I had procrastinated on getting new cleats for my shoes a tad too long. Here they are in all their worn out glory. It looks like I have been walking through the yard in them but that's not the reality, they're just worn out.

Note to self - don't try to get your money's worth out of Keo Look cleats, replace them every year.

Training: Today is Saturday. I lined up an OWS at Lake Petersburg for 9:00 this morning, with my big sis riding kayak. We have had temps in the 80s most of the week and I have a new wetsuit to try out before next weekend's Lake Carlyle Olympic Triathlon. Which might turn into a du since the entire area is flooded but that's another story.

Anyway, got off work Friday at 3:00 and made a run to Country Market to pick up some annuals and a couple of steaks. Perfect weather to finish up the last couple of planters and then grill some tasty New York strip.

By 4:00 the southwest sky was dark and ominous. By 4:20 as I drove home, big fat raindrops were hitting the windshield. By the time I pulled in the driveway it was raining heavily with angry thunder.

And such has been the weather through the night and into the morning. Looks like I will be fighting for a lane at the Y this morning.

Workouts Today: 1 hour swim, 30 minute run
Sunday: 2 hour bike/short run brick


Mike said...

This weather is yucky. Too bad you didn't get a OWS swim in. I don't like biking in a cold rain so it's trainer time.

Anne B said...

It's been a strange year for weather. This rain and wind stuff needs to stop!