Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poo Pods and Rainy Day Training

Woke to temps in the 50s, drizzling rain and wind gusting 15-20 mph. Rolled over and slept until 7, cursing Mother Nature. Here's a shot of our back porch. The lumpy things on the table are "pods" for want of a better word, of bird poo. Every spring the blackbirds see fit to clean their nests and hurl these pods at the glass-topped table. I read somewhere that they like to throw the pods in water, so we speculate that they think the table top looks like a pond.
Whatever, birds.
Today's workout was a two hour bike ride followed by 35 minutes of running, to be done as a brick. Nervous about slippery pavements, I had to default to the trainer. I am pretty sure that Jack-the-tri-bike was crying as he was bolted back into the trainer.

It's a nice setup, really. Our basement is finished and there's a good-sized TV with cable a few feet in front of me. There's a bathroom right there, a ceiling fan and a floor fan to keep things cool. There is Chamois Butter in the bathroom. There's no excuse to skip a trainer workout except for boredom.
Mind numbing boredom.
Two hours is a long time to sit and spin. It's almost as bad as the dreadmill. I have a friend who does a lot of marathons and she has been known to run 22 miles on a trainer at the health club during winter months. She has nerves of steel.
For the first hour I watched reruns of Scrubs, then switched over to Animal Planet and found a Wild Kingdom show about a family of otters living in the harbor in Monterey, California. This kept me entertained until the momma otter was mauled by another otter and found near death. This is entirely too much drama for a training show. Near tears, I finished up the ride and changed into running shoes.
The run was great. The noodly leg sensation seems to have gone away, and I got 3.3 good miles in. The rain and wind were actually a little refreshing.
Dairy Queen this afternoon!


Mike said...

nice brick! I rode the trainer (much shorter time than you) and ran outside too. It worked pretty well. Hoping for low wind, no rain, and medium temps next weekend.

Anne B said...

Thank you, I sure hope the rain holds off!