Monday, May 16, 2011

Swim Workout and Mr. Speedo

Today's workout was a swim that went like this:
200 swim / 2 x 100 kick / 4 x 50 choice
Main Set:
5 x 200 w/20 sec rest
Warm Down:
2 x 100
The 200s were as follows: 4:03, 4:03, 4:05, 4:06, 4:03
Flailed through it, didn't quite break the 2:00/100 mark today. :(

Mr. Speedo. There has been a new guy showing up at lap swim, he is right about my age (i.e. old) and in pretty good shape. He has chosen to swim in one of those tiny little Speedos that were real popular about ten years ago. Today he chose my lane to share. I had to keep averting my eyes when we would pass. I was also concerned about accidentally snagging the Speedo with my long flailing arms.

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