Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Recap

I've seriously neglected this blog for no reason other than I haven't made the time to sit down and compose something. Which is kind of sad because 2012 was an amazing year on so many levels.

I log my workouts over on BeginnerTriathlete.com and here are the numbers for 2012:

Bike:128h 33m 25s  - 1741.45 Mi
Run:134h 51m 26s  - 630.09 Mi
Swim:31h 34m 36s  - 81090 Yd
Strength:28h 39m
Aqua Jogging:15m
Elliptical Training:12m
Kettlebell:1h 59m
Pilates:1h 00m
Yard Work:1h 00m
Yoga:4h 00m 45s

The bike volume is very low, which I would attribute to more mountain biking and less road riding. Oh, and to general apathy as well.  I suffered mightily for this in October at the Rev3 Half Full Triathlon in Columbia, Maryland. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Did I learn anything? You bet I did.

In December I completed my very first cyclocross race at the Miller Chill CX in Bloomington, IL. It was a rainy, muddy day and I was hooked immediately.

I am firming up my list of events for 2013. Carved in stone are the Women's Midwest Mountain Bike Clinic and Rev3 Colonial Williamsburg HIM. Other than those two events, the calendar is pretty open.